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Tiny Scanner

Best Scanner. Excelente.

The best app scanner out in the market

I work as Business Development and Im constantly traveling in different states. I was going to buy a portable scanner until I found this app. This small tool save me money and time. Scanning my contract, filling my work, forward in e-mail, text etc. You name it. Work like a charm I recommended


As a real estate agent I couldnt do my job on the go without this app!

Hands down its best scanning app!!

This has helped with all my scanning needs. OMG, it is sooo difficult to find a good app like this. Its really worth it. I mean look at the other review!!


Does all that I need. Thank you!

Works great

Great app to have , especially when getting to a scanner is a problem


Works well, convenient, functional. No complaints

Best App EVER

I love this app for scanning documents on my phone. You are able to upload them many places i.e. Email, Dropbox etc. the beauty is that it saves all those documents in a central location so you may obtain them at a later date! Absolutely love it!

Easy to use

This is by far the easiest phone scanner to use. Has worked perfectly- no issues at all

Awesome app

Makes it so easy

Small business owner

I work mostly from an iPhone and wouldnt be able to do my invoicing or keep remotely organized without this app.

It does what it should!

Just wished it would have more space.

Best app ever !!!

I would recommend this app to any college or high school student. Maybe even the professors. Even in the dimmest lighting Ive had luck scanning it perfectly fine!!!!!! Its awesome. If I could give it a million stars, I would.

Great Product

Excellent Product!!! Please bring color scanning feature...thanks


Ive downloaded many scanner/fax apps. So far, I like the ease of use with this app, along with the many features (exporting for example) it offers. Overall, I like this app more than the others Ive used. The only noticeable (yet minor) difference is editing/filtering. The scans arent as crisp and clear and with the minimal editing/filtering features available (versus similar apps), this is the only reason its not a 5 star in my opinion. Thats the only feature that I think would give the other apps a slight advantage, though not by much. With that being said, the quality of the scan (editing/filtering) isnt too far off and hasnt deterred me... The pros definitely outweigh!! Its still my go-to app!

Useful app. Easy to use.

Nice app.

Life saver

This app helped save me while on vacation, now I use it all the time.

I use it all the time

When we n a pinch it works good in the field sending clear documents off a cell pic. To office so they can print off

Great app

Saved me so much time over a conventional scanner.

LOVE this app

I have been very pleased with tiny scan. My personal home scanner continuously has issues connecting to my computer and this app helps me without complications when I am in a hurry. Have been very happy and so far, no issues.

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